There’s a good reason why Pet Supplies Plus is known as your favorite neighborhood pet supplies store. Pets of all kinds love to shop with us. In fact, since the first store opened its doors in June of 1988, we’ve welcomed a Noah’s Ark of animals into our stores, from llamas, monkeys and pot-bellied pigs, to hedgehogs, ferrets, iguanas and talking parrots. Of course, that’s in addition to all of the dogs and occasional cats who stop in at the average Pet Supplies Plus store with their owners each week.

Every year, millions of animals visit our stores with their human companions. Why is Pet Supplies Plus so popular with four-footed shoppers? The answer is pretty obvious as soon as you walk into our Pinellas Park and Clearwater stores. It starts with the pet-loving people who work here. They’re always eager to make a fuss over your pet when you shop at Pet Supplies Plus, and they love to give out treats (with your permission) to thank your pet for making us his or her favorite store.

Pets love the fact that we make a fuss over them, but love and attention are only two of the reasons pets enjoy shopping at our stores. Our wide selection of great products and animal friendly displays, and convenient services like our self-serve dog wash also have a lot to do with making Pet Supplies Plus popular with pets — and people!

We stock over 10,000 different items at our Pinellas Park and Clearwater locations. This selection covers just about anything a pet can eat, play with, sleep in, be groomed with or wear – and if there’s something we don’t have, we’ll do our best to special order it for you. Our goal is to offer you everything your pet could possibly need – and always at the most competitive prices in the Tampa Bay area.

We display our great selection of merchandise in a way that makes it easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for whenever you visit Pet Supplies Plus. Our stores features wide supermarket style aisles, low shelves and colorful signage to make shopping fun and convenient.

This is true whether you get around on two legs – or four. That’s right, we make shopping a breeze for pets too! For example, our dog biscuits, rawhide and chew treats are displayed on lower shelves so they can be easily sniffed by curious canines.

Pet Supplies Plus wants to make sure that pets look as good as they feel at our store. That’s why we have one of the most modern pet grooming salons in Tampa Bay Metro area at our stores. Whether your pet needs a basic wash or a full grooming session, we’re sure you’ll be thrilled with the professional service provided by our friendly grooming staff. Of course, if you prefer, you can suds up your best friend yourself at our state-of-the-bark self-serve dog wash at the Pinellas Park store.

So if you’ve never visited Pet Supplies Plus before, please stop by our Pinellas Park or Clearwater store – and take your pet along too. We’d love to say “hi” to both of you and show you why Pet Supplies Plus is every pet’s favorite store.